Utilities of Implementing Accelerated Mobile Pages Improving SEO Ranks

Long time ago Google introduced AMP project in the market coming out with the mobile- responsive website featuring the smarter form of SEO. This Accelerated Mobile Pages first came out signifying the importance of mobile-friendly layouts that facilitates search engine result pages.

Utilities of Using AMP

Amp features a lightweight version of a webpage and thus you can handle the features in your way. Thus users now can load the webpage faster on any browser. This encourages users to open the webpage without any difficulties.

This AMP today improves the organic search results and brings in a continuous traffic featuring the true importance of mobile-friendly layouts while doing the SEO Services. So, ignoring AMP may result in decreasing web traffic and thus a project creating mobile web pages bring in all optimistic facets.

AMP Works Based on Three Components

Amp comes out with a beneficial interface where the following components work together delivering all effective results:


  • AMP HTML signifies the HTML markup with certain limitations depending on which you can get a successful execution.
  • AMP HTML features a specific markup code and you can get the necessary HTML tags.
  • These tags come out as the necessary options, which come out in the form of written code such as texts, images that helps in analyzing information to smarter gadgets.


AMP JavaScript

  • AMP JavaScript library helps in rendering the AMP pages faster and you can now execute a bigger part.
  • AMP JS does not support third=party instances.
  • Amp works in a limited portion that helps you to avoid server overloading and thus you can fetch multiple commands at the same time.



  • Content Delivery Network 9CDN) also plays an important role that helps in executing the AMP pages speeding up delivery of contents.
  • It’s recognized as one of the most useful elements featuring a smarter AMP technology.
  • It stores the elements from the similar AMP pages that are easily accessible in the server followed by a faster delivery.


Powerful Impacts of AMP On SEO
These webpages load faster and thus establishes strong reader relationship. Next, you get a good speed, which improves the SEO results. As your webpage opens faster you get more visitors to your site enhancing chances of sharing your contents with a better user engagement.

How AMP Affects your SEO

Carousel Leads to an Increased Visibility

According to Google news Carousel receives more responses than organic searches. Using the AMP method your site appears on Google news and thus you can get more views in real-time. In this way, you enhance the visibility inspiring users to visit your site. Overall, Carousel engages more visitors to your webpage.

Enhanced Mobile Ranking

Getting a Higher Mobile Ranking

Presently, users prefer using the palm-sized gadget for a better communication and thus it becomes important to create a mobile-friendly site. AMP technology won’t directly increasing your page rank but it helps in recognizing the faster loading web pages that can get more visitors.

Better User Experience

It’s always important to offer a better experience to your users especially when you are going to optimize your website for search engines. In this regards, you can seek help of AMP technology ensuring that you can now easily access the content on carousel without visiting your site.

Good CTR

You can now get higher chances to get more mobile users visiting your page, as you incorporate the AMP label. In addition, your site loads faster featuring a nice design. If users have two options a web page with AMP technology and other without AMO they would prefer the first one with higher click-through rates.

Better Ad Performance

The advertisements on AMP performs better in real and also these ads get easily displayed on the screen, which get load without any buffering. Now, as you integrate AMP into these ads more users get interested to visit. And when these mobile pages work together with carousel they come out with all beneficial results with a good exposure to ads. Thus, Amp works as a rank booster for your site helping you to increase visibility.


Taken as a whole, you can comprehend that AMP acts as a true rank booster. It comes out with all effective results and is the best traffic enhancer for mobile pages. You can create fast-loading pages that help you achieving a better rank.