Using Google’s Disavow Links Tool, Remove Spam Links

Have you ever used Google’s Disavow Tool? There would be many of you wish to use it but do not hold enough knowledge in this respect. However, we all have been hearing about this tool for a long time but probably we did not think that it is an essential tool to carve out a special image in front of Google. You may have been frustrating about the unnatural links interrupting in your work. How would you fix this type of unnatural links? It is tough to do manually and that is why this tool is used called Disavow Links Tool.

Many factors affect SEO like keywords density, social signals (It cannot be changed), and website speed and so on. How can we forget Link Building as it is the most prominent and frequently asked factor? But do you know Link Building is a (It cannot be changed) kind of sword having double edges since it can make or break your image both? As we all know that each backlink getting from a reputed site makes Google showcase confidence in your site. It leads towards a higher page rank for your site and brings you on the top search pages. But not every website associate to your site regarding links is profitable. With the help of this new age tool, you may tell Google that you do want a specific link from external sites to be considered while counting links to rank websites. Actually, some site is indulged with this since they have bought that link. To stay away from the spam my link building, you must use this new age tool.

Let’s Know A Bit About Disavow Links Tool?

This October 2012 launched tool is very helpful to ask Google avoiding particular backlink suggested by you at the time of counting backlink. It helps to save the reputation and stay away from bad link building. By using this tool, it becomes easy to avoid undesirable links while Google counts your link. Many people are using this tool to eradicate those items responsible to affect their score regarding page rank.

How This Tool Is Very Helpful

This tool is very helpful if your website is getting spam my questions and artificial links. You must not use disavow the link from a website for any other reasons. Always keep in mind that Google’s algorithm is well managed and avoid to do anything wrong that may hurt the score of your web portal.

How To Use Disavow Link  –

It is very easy to use and here we are going to explore the ways into discreet points. So, you will not get confused. Let us check it out.

  • First, head to your Google Webmaster Tools account. Now, press on the desired website, you wish to go ahead.
  • Here, you need to choose “Search Traffic” and then go for “Links To Your Site” situated on the dashboard.
  • Then, you will find “Who Links Most” (It cannot be changed) and then click “More.”
  • Then, it’s time head on “Download More Sample Link.” (It cannot be changed) To see dates, you may choose “Download Latest Links”.  (It cannot be changed)

The files you downloaded hold the entire page that links associated to your website. You must take help from that file to prepare a text file of the (It cannot be changed) link you want to disavow. What you need to do next is include one link per line. If you wish to remove that links from an entire website, then put “domain:” on one line (It cannot be changed), instead of each individual link. If you wish to add some kind of other additional information then you need to start with the line having # sign. Which file is considered the well-formatted text file as per Google? Let us check out how to do it.

  • After creating and save your file, you need to head Disavow links tool page.
  • Then head to your website and click “Disavow Links.”
  • It is time to click “choose file”

What is all about the additional Tips

  • Need to make sure that your text file to end in .text and it is encoded in UTF-8 or 7-bit (It cannot be changed) ASCIL. It is a professional way to add additional tips to bring them in Google’s knowledge.
  • You may also go for verifying both the www. The www version and non-www version of your website as Google always considers these two different websites.
  • Do not upload anything except .txt file. If you wish to send additional notes, then include them in the consideration request.

Common Disavow Links Mistakes –

You may save your precious time and efforts by avoiding these disavow link tools related mistakes. Here, we are going to cite some of them.

  • Using the wrong file type – Do not commit this mistake. Whenever you upload, it must be a .text file. Whether it is a word document or excel spreadsheet, they would not be considered. You just need to upload a simple .txt document with UTF with UTF-8 or 7-bit ASCII encoding. It is quite simple. No need to get confused.
  • Which Link You Should Remove- This is not easy to go along with an accurate way all the time to remove links. It is obvious that you need to take an advantage by using the “domain”. It means you must be smart at the time of choosing a link.
  • What Is Incorrect “Domain:” syntax. – Never type the wrong “Domain:” syntax. Here, we are going to tell what you need to type, it must be “” (It cannot be changed) Avoid typing “” or “domain:” It is one of the most common mistakes making by many users at the time of using this tool.
  • What Is All about the Context and Explanations In Respect Of the Text file – Avoid adding a long back-story while sending text file, it may make the parser to reject your text file. But if you wish to include in the text file, then keep it into one line. (It cannot be changed)
  • Why It is Not a cure-all Tool – first, you also need to keep in mind that disavow link is not a one-stop solution to remove all unwanted backlink. Try on your own to remove spam my backlinks since it is the best. Actually, this tool is for the links, which you cannot control on your own. When you use this tool, it helps to bring the information in the knowledge of Google while counting your links.

The Bottom Line

Briefly, this tool is quite helpful to remove the low-quality links putting a negative effect on your search rank. Before using this tool, make sure that is it harming your site’s reputation or not. You must clean your profile on your own as much as you can. Use this tool for the link on which you do not hold your control.