Is Your Brand the Right Color?

How many of you are using various social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook? There would be many of you, but have you ever contemplated that what is the common thread among these three major social platforms LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter? If your answer is the blue color, then you are right. These logos hold blue color prominently.

If you are thinking that it is a kind of coincidence then it is not. As per, 40% of people all around the world consider blue hue as their favorite color. It does not mean that we are saying to change your taste regarding color choice. However, the point is that it seems essential to be choosy at the time of selecting a color for your brand. To put in another word, color plays a crucial role to make your brand differ from others.

We all know each color indicates towards a particular expression or feeling. It means color speaks and somewhere they give an idea about the brand’s mood and motto.  As per a study, the shade lures them to buy the product. The fact is undeniable that color lifts up by 80%.

Before selecting the right shade for your business, you must think from a customers’ point of view. The motto of your brand’s color should be encouraging customers to use your service or products. Do you wish to know what each color says? Here, we are going to elaborate them in a discreet manner. Let us have a look.

  • Yellow – It indicates towards youthful & optimistic. It is a perfect shade to choose to attract the window shoppers.
  • Red – It is all about energy, creates urgency and increases heart rate. It is mostly used in restaurant, café etc., since it encourages customers to eat more.
  • Blue – The most favorite color is dedicated to Trust & Security. It is mostly associated with business and banks.
  • Green – It indicates towards relaxation & wealth. It is the easiest color for the eyes to process.
  • Orange – This color is all about aggressive, call to action, buy or sell.
  • Black – It just a perfect shade to showcase luxury product marketing, powerful & sleek.
  • Pink – This color is completely dedicated to feminine, romantic and product marketing to women and girls.
  • Purple – It showcases the calm and soothing. It is mostly used in beauty products’ packaging.

If you are at sixes and sevens that which color would be right to choose then head to Edtech. An ideal platform holds a well-trained and experienced team to the employee in different fields related to online marketing and other things associate to this field. If you are not able to identify the right color, we are here to let you know what would be right as per the nature of the business.