How to collect likes for your Facebook page

Facebook has become one of the most prominent platforms for socialists, celebrities, leaders, organizations, schools and others. If you have an account, you can easily create a Facebook page within a minute. It is simple and without cost. Creating a Facebook page and creating a great Facebook page is two different things. You don’t need to take help from expert web designers, marketing expert, technical guru to create an appealing great Facebook page. Get great

Given below are some social media optimization easy tips you can take to create a great page that will attract audience to like.

Right username for Facebook

The username you decide for a Facebook Page will also display in the URL. There are a number of people that have created pages, so may be your first choice will not be available. So, it’s important to create a page on Facebook and get username immediately. Though you don’t have idea to seriously use Facebook, you perhaps want to use in future. Get your username today and use whenever you need it.

Mention details in About Page

The Facebook page account will demand detail for small about section that contains the information about the company and services you offer to your audiences so that they instantly understand for which it is created. You can mention two or three lines about your company.

Provide many details

Once your Facebook page created, you can log-in into your account and go to the edit option to add more details and content. Fill the blank options with information like where your company is located, how you can get in touch, what your company does, etc.

Add fantastic cover photo

Select a photo that looks amaze, capture’s people attention and attract them to take a close look at your page content. Don’t forget to include a marketing message in your cover photo. Just make sure to follow the current guidelines in terms of cover photo.

Post right profile photo

Your profile photo will be small, so make sure to choose the right photo because it will reflect your business or brand. It will display at your every single post. The more people see it, the more it gets to recognize and associate with your brand and business. So choose appropriate profile picture.

Ask your friends to like

As soon as you create a page, send requests to your friends and ask them to like your page through Facebook direct message. This is a great way to circulate your business name and develop it into a brand.

Write some content for your page

Write some useful, essential, meaningful and interesting topic to your targeted audiences that they want to read and see. Even you can also posts some images, videos and Apps related column to make your audience engage on your page and get likes.

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