Google map redesign with helpful new features

It’s a renovation time for Google maps. Google is going to redesign look for maps that makes easy to
find locations around you. The new map design will be uploaded on its website and apps by the end
of the month. It will be also available at the other services that use Google maps.

With the new features, Google maps will delicately transform stand on what you are doing. If you
are using navigation, such as – the app will draw attention to locations you are more expected to
require while driving. Similarly, if you are searching for transport directions, Maps will indicate to
railway stations/bus stops/airports.

Google is also changing the color pattern that it uses to find business sites on the map, to make it
simple to identify exact venues. With modernization, the category of business will decide the color
of its symbol on the map. Restaurants and other eatable venues that is categorized into food and
beverage section, will be orange in color, where as shopping will be pointed in blue and
entertainment will be in teal color.

May be it sound like a simple modification, but the official of Google says these visual signs will
make it easy and quick to get locations even when you are traveling the area first time.

Here are snapshot