Google Analytics website traffic analysis

Today, we are going to explore all about Google Analytics in a discreet manner. Let’s check it out why it is important to pay attention towards if you belong to small business.

Let’s Know How To Installing Google

It’s time to set up the Google Analytics is straightforward and you have to head to to get registered. After registration, you will get a free account. Now, it is time to set up your free account to build up a new analytics tracking property.

The next step is go and choose your account name along with website name. Here, you also need to add URL of your website. Do not forget to add the name of the desired industry. Choose the appropriate time zone to erase the confusion. Here, we also recommend you to leave all the data sharing boxe, if you do not have specific reasons to fill them.

Then, it is time to click Get Tracking ID in order to keep the code handy. You may have to place this tracking code on every page on your website. If you have been using service like GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress, then there is a great news that this process becomes easy for you. Many free plugins will help a lot to make the entire process easy and seamless as same as the Google Analyticator Plugin. Here, you may also find the need of ensuring demographic and remarketing button turned on. You will found these two options Demographic and Remarketing buttons in the account setting. We are mentioning here that you would not need these features right away but later you will find the need to tune them on when you accumulate more data.

What About The Goals And Goal Values

Now,we are moving towards the most important step in Google Analytics to understand the exact goals. There are some activities that hold value and meaning to your company. Let’s understand it through an example. A B2C brick and mortal retail store understand the value of the potential customers. Google Analytics helps them to identify the way towards your store. When someone looking for the direction to your store, it is also counted that how many people actually show interest to your store. It means somewhere it will also be counted in the SEO. The value of subscription cannot underestimate if someone sign up for an appointment, demo or for newsletter. Having an e-commerce store means you need to set some goal to make them engage.

Let’s check it out how start it by choosing Goal. Then you may also create some new goal as per your choice or creativity.

  • First of all, you need to find a goal appropriate to your business type. As you see in this picture, that we have selected an appropriate goal for a brick-and-mortar retail business. You need to Name the goal in an appropriate manner.
  • Now, it is time to all set to specify the location of your directions page. When someone visit your page to accumulate desired information, it’s time to turn value on and input the value. If you do not wish then use an arbitrary placeholder value. You may also check out some other content to get the exact information about setting goals and goal values.

Let’s Understand The Importance Of Website Traffic

Now, it has cleared that how to set Goal. The fact cannot underestimate that what goals and goal values are meaningful to your business. Here, we are going to clear this air more by mentioning the reasons that why every small business owner should pay attention towards Google Analytics. To make easy to understand, many screenshot and direction has added.

New Visitors/ New Website Traffic

When the new searchers com to your webportal, Google Analytics highlights the defaulted time, which is the last 30 days. Here, you can change the timeframe with the widget situated the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Do you ever contemplated that it requires to have new visitors as a metric?

Actually, it is quite important since it helps to build up the bond between the webportal and the customers. If you get new people that means you are going in the right way but if not then you have to work over your strategy once again. Having new people means you are doing great in this way. The new people will not be interested only in your service or product but they will tell about it to others as well.

It does not matter what we are doing but it matters that it adds spark to webportal or not. If you are taking help of social media, public relation, advertising etc., and getting the required feedback that means you are doing well. But if you are not getting the expected traffic that means you are not going in the right way.

Returning Visitors/Returning Website Traffic

As the name indicates that it is a kind of visitors that come your website once again. To put in simple words, they have already gone through your webportal but since they like it, they come here again. You will find it in the same section.

But does the returning visitors matter as a metric? Yes!!! It matters. It is clear that you can convince the user to go through the site once. But if the users do not find the expected material/product/service then he/she may not love to come to your site back. Many marketing channels are available doggedly engaged to deliver temporary interest. But this trick does not work if you have an e-commerce site. To exist longer in this business, you have to work on strong strategy to tune your visitor into returning visitors. But if no one is coming back, that means you are not doing well and returning traffic is zero.

Whether it is new or retuning visitors, they both hold importance and cannot ignore. Goal conversion is something that helps to lure the people to take participate to sign up, to require for getting more information.

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