Go Mobile For Better Google Ranking

Mobile friendliness has become an essential factor to follow as it helps to increase the search results ranking. Google also understands the need of new age time and that is why it has also changed its algorithm considering mobile-friendliness as an important factor in search results. Not only this, but it is also giving space for mobile apps. To get the most out of their Google rankings, it has become essential to have mobile-friendly sites.

Significance Of Mobile Optimization

The new age study contains that mobile users are increasing day-by-day since it is very handy and makes easy to go through any sorts of information whenever you want. On the other hand, many devices are tough to carry and do not allow to access whenever you want. The Smartphone has made everyone smarter and people love to spend more time on the internet using them. In the comparison of desktop users, the ratio of mobile users is extremely high. Smartphone affected the business on a large scale and it proves as every e-commerce site is launching its mobile app to make the customer comfortable with the site.

As per Hubspot, 46% of people do not love to go back on the site if it does not function properly on their mobile device. No doubt, this factor also lifts up the importance having a mobile friendly site. Mobile friendly site opens on mobile without taking too much time. If site does not work properly on your mobile, it may lead towards less customer engagement, low traffic and sales etc. To put in simple words, it takes you towards great loss. Now, Google is actively serving priority to mobile users first.

What did you get from the above mentioned stuff? It is clear that mobile friendly site can make you an apple of the user’s eyes. They will not wish to chuck you.  A responsive design means avoiding Flash since it does not support all mobile devices. To analyze the site speed, you may head to Google PageSpeed Insights.

Google Rationale and Readiness

Google does not wish to make getting high rank in search results tough for small business. If you think that it has done randomly then you are a bit wrong. It has a proper strategy and facts behind preparing the new algorithm. Actually, Google has a motto to make easy for the mobile users to access the content whenever they need and want.

Google aware you about the new change time-to-time. Here, we are going to cite some rules from its rule book. Take a look.

Step one – There is a Getting Started Guide answering your all questions in respect of mobile-friendly sites right from responsive design, working with website developers, mobile SEO Services, compatibility etc.

Step Two- It comes with Mobile-friendly Test to evaluate how well your webportal is optimized. What you need to do is put your URL into the textbox and wait for a while unless it scans your page. You come across what Google sees

Step Three – Learn About APP Indexing. Mobile friendly does not mean reducing the size of the site as per the viewing screen.  Content and design of the site also matter. You have to spare time to do manual activation of indexing as Google does not do it automatically. App Indexing allows mobile users or accesses your app directly.

If you invest a little time to make your site mobile friendly, it will return you more benefits in term of business and rank both at the same time.