DIY Video Marketing Campaigns- It’s not a rocket science!

Did you know that 7 out of 10 companies already include videos in their advertising campaigns? And this type of content currently enjoys a high conversion rate among the public, generating four times more commitment than static content, such as a written article and a 64% increase in the intention to buy. It is true that in order to improve our SEO position in search engines, it is fundamental that our website has written content that can be traced, but the videos also help to gain visibility so they are an excellent complement, since they also contribute to the Content is more widespread in social networks. However, for our marketing campaigns with videos succeed it is important to consider a number of factors that we must apply when planning them.

Marketing with step-by-step videos in an optimal way:


Set your Goals

To plan a marketing campaign with videos is essential that we are clear what the objectives we want to achieve and what are the needs to be covered. Based on this we can establish four types of campaigns: informative, persuasive, reminder and reinforcement.

Raise the briefing

The briefing is the document where we will define the audience we are going to run the campaign, what we offer, what differentiates us from the competition and what are the benefits it brings to the client. For this it is advisable to do a market study to know what we are facing. One of the key points when launching marketing campaigns with videos is to be clear about the message we want to convey, making clear what the benefits of our product and highlighting the reasons for this.

Start with your story

Though creating videos can be done from a particular cost standpoint, it is highly important to have a clear, compelling message or story to tell. No need to become a director, but have a basic and clear understanding of your audience, how your business will address the problems and issue, challenge and see how the video connects and communicates with the customers. Shorter is always better. Nobody would like to see self-promotional videos. Your main focus should be how to address the consumer’s pain point and interest to provide business solutions for the same.

Keep it simple

Simple content is always better and should be preferred. It is your message that matters and thus, you should try to nail the solutions to the problem in most direct way possible.

Try your phone and see the light

You might already have heard about several marketing campaigns and commercial being shot on smartphones only. The quality of videos we get on smartphone these days are perfectly suitable for video marketing. Definitely, the video requires to be shot following basic video making techniques, while the phone will render quality that is fairly acceptable. See the lighting and sound as video is incomplete if they are not in balance.

Learn some basics

Just like the one you are reading, there are plenty of other online articles and resources that can teach you how to shoot a perfect video for brand marketing. They are meant for amateurs who want to delve deeper and collect wealth of information. For those, who just want to get foundational pointers, these kinds of resources are highly useful.

Know the distribution channels

It is also very important to perform an analysis to know in which channels our target audience moves. This will make it easier for us to know where to broadcast our campaign. Once we have it clear, we will have to make a work plan specifying the formats, number of occurrences and frequency.

Although the message that we are going to transmit is the same, it is important that we know how to adapt it to each medium and the type of audience we want to reach. In this way, we can take full advantage of the advantages offered by each channel, which will mean greater benefits for the company.


But to carry out marketing campaigns with videos would make no sense if we are not able to measure the results and acceptance they are having among our potential customers. In this way we will be able to make quick decisions and make the modifications that we consider convenient. However, you should know that it is not advisable to stop a campaign unless we detect that the message is not being understood or that it is damaging the image of the company.

Normally the results of marketing campaigns with videos are measured in terms of sales. However, many times thanks to the metrics that we can get thanks to the Internet and the experts, we can know that the goals have been achieved without this means an increase in sales.

We hope all these tips are useful and make your marketing campaigns with videos easier for you, so you can achieve your goals and increase sales of your business. But if you want your videos to have a more professional touch and you do not have the necessary equipment, there are plenty of professional services available to help you. Edtech is one of the most professional units to help you create awesome online presence through state of the art digital marketing techniques. Consult their expert team to get the best help and suggestions.