Better Customer Service Means Better Conversions

Superb customer services are fundamental demand from every brand but they are special when it comes to new ventures and small businesses that have just made their debut in the market. You can get the high-quality professional services or have a highly qualified team service setup but do not own a knowledgeable or customer focused support team. If it is so, then better not to thrive and jump in the competitive marketplace of business.

People do not remember how qualitative your product was if they are unable to get a quick and straight answer from the customer service team. It might be a simple question of how to return a purchased product due to the wrong size but often, due to poor customer support, they will end up sharing how bad the customer representative experience they had. And in these days, such a statement is simply telling the family, readers, and friends, on why they should not turn towards you to get the services.

Customer services are more complex and way ahead than just knowing what you need to say when the customers hit your contact for help. Service center employees must consider the emotions, opinions, cultural influences and perception of the caller. Only a responsive representative knows what he has to say when to say and how to convert and turn the conversation to take it to a higher level.

How can prompt Customer services improve the conversion rates of your business?
Only two words can define it- Pursue the Excellence. You need to value and recognize that every contact, whether negative or positive, gives an opportunity to build relationships with many others. Studies have suggested that almost 25%  of all the customers consider leaving their current brand for any other company. Basically, customers fall into 3 different categories:

  • Moments of Magic that has highly positive response
  • Moments of Misery for those who are annoyed, irritated or frustrated
  • Moments of Mediocrity, those who are average with no significant remarks

Improvement in conversion rates implies an increase in the number of potent customers who take actions that ultimately end up to benefit you. The basic and obvious step here is making a sale with you! It can be done easily by ensuring that the service team shoots Moments of Magic every time.Your primary goal should be making the caller happy when they want to make a query or having a concern. Even the smallest complaints should be embraced and preserved as a chance to generate new sales, retain their faith in your name and building long term relationship.

3 Tips to Improve Customer Service Now
Make it easier for the customers to reach your Brand:
Building a website that is functional and attractive is the key. Furthermore, you will need a web hosting services that provide with perfect uptime ratings. Your platform must be optimized for mobile customers in order to get higher ranks of SERPs. Provide the complainants with multiple contacts methods, live interactions, on click online inquiry methods, blog commenting, mailing address and telephone numbers at places that are highly visible.

Be Responsive:
While easy to reach is the half key to success, your small business customers will always expect a timely and proper response from you. Your team must monitor the customer support section as well as social media platforms regularly and comment as soon as they can. Alerts and notifications will help the team to receive the emails and texts every time customers post on the social media or hit the query box from your website. It is even better if you survey customers after each service to know whether they are satisfied or left frustrated.

Train and equip your support team:
Customers never want an over scripted or robotic agent on the phone when they have an issue or complaint. Not do they want to hear someone answering them “I don’t know”. Thus, it is essential to train your staff about how they can respond and revert to your customers with understanding and empathy. For instance, using the caller’s name creates a personal connection as well as avoids any negative words, assuring the customers that the team is interested in going to the bottom of the issue to solve it are some of the steps to ensure relief and satisfaction.

Knowledgeable and trained representatives are well versed with industry-specific terminologies and they know the art of figuring out what the caller wants to describe even if they are not well aware of the proper terminologies like “that little thing that fell off”. Well trained employee help to serve better and also educate the callers about how they can use the products and thus, well-informed consumers are capable of making better buying decisions that lead to repeat sales and brand advocates.

Know What Customers Expect From You
There are several things that a customer expects from an online website including money back guarantee on several things, no hidden charges or shipping fee or quick delivery! It highlights the importance of getting right customer services every time they deal with you. If your aim is to build up a better reputation and also boost the conversion rates then several excellent inspirations are present in the world.

If we take the example of Amazon, the retail giant conducting business worldwide these days, it did not started out this way. However, without top notched customer support apart from state of the art services, they might never have tasted such success. Now the Amazon services are brilliant, they offer free shipping and paid shipping too are quite affordable. Their team works hard to ensure that the content they put on their website is error free, accurate and understandable. They have guarantee and money back policies on place. Incorporating these essential to the customer service plan and having bilingual staff with extended calling hours is a bonus for you and your stressed customers.

Reaping the Benefits
The Internet has empowered the consumers to voice their approval or disapproval for any brand they use and encounter every day. When you are pursuing excellence in customer services, you should position your team to excel in the marketplace. Engage your audience in social media, conduct surveys along the buying journey to get an insight into what your company is planning to do right now, and take similar steps. Whether you use suggestion box or conduct exit polls, encourage online reviews, or monitor social media platforms to gather feedback- always listen! Social proofs always enhance conversion rate potential.

When you promote a transparent company, your main focus should be laid on magic moments for your customers. A happy customer never shies away from sharing their experience, which in turn helps to increase your customer outreach and drive higher conversion rate to your website.

Once you have built up a fully functional website, it’s time to implement these tips into action to get action on business and bring it to the path of achievement through superior services.