Beginners Guide on how to Get a site in Google Indexing

Is your Website on Google?
Do you want to know if Google has indexed your site or not? Type “site: your Website URL”  in Google. If you see results related to your website then you are in the index. For example, if you search for “” then you will get these results.
Although Google crawls thousands of website on a regular basis, however, there might be a possibility that some sites got missed. Here are few common reasons why crawlers missed your site:

  • Your website is not properly connected to other sites on the Internet
  • Your site is fairly new and Google hasn’t noticed it yet
  • Your site’s design is complex which makes it difficult for crawlers to fetch its content properly
  • The site showed an error while Google was indexing it
  • The site’s policy does not allow Google to index it.

How Do I get my Website on Google?
Getting your site in the Google’s search results is free and very simple. It is not necessary to submit your website on the search engine. It will automatically crawl your site with the help of its web crawlers & add it for the indexing. The majority of sites shows on the result page are comes automatically only a few sites comes after the manual submission.

Importance of webmaster?
The guidelines of the webmaster help you in making a website Google-friendly. However, there is no guarantee that crawlers will pick your site particularly as the crawlers will come according to the routine.

What does Google Search Console do for my site?
With the help of Google Search Console you can submit your website or its content in the Google & also check the performance in Google Search. Not just this Google Search Console also gives you the privilege of receiving the alerts on the various critical issues that Google face while visiting your site.

Question that you should keep in your mind while you start with a website
Is my website visible on Google?
Am I serving top notch quality content?
What about my business local listing on Google?
Is my website devices compatible?
What about the security of my website?

Take Help of SEO Experts to Index your site
While you can also make your website Google Friendly, taking help of an SEO Manager is more advisable as he/she has all the knowledge and skills required to index a website on Google. Hiring an expert for your site can be really helpful in improving its online presence, keyword ranking.