What is the Reason of Ranking Down of Website in Search Engine?

No one will find your website naturally or organically if it is not part of the Google index. And then you ask yourself what should I analyse to know if I’m on the right path for Google to index me? Here you will have an overview, based on a series of arguments, to help you with this.

Website is being indexed either with www or without www

If you have not set up for Google to know that your site can appear with or without www and that therefore should be considered as the same, then Google may be treating them as different sites. 

Google is still looking for website

You should wait in any case, about two days for Google to index it, but you should still check if your site map is ok because if it does not work properly or is non-existent, this could be a possible cause.

Showing some crawl related errors

Sometimes Google does not index the few pages of your website. If you want to know these crawl issues proceed to GWT, pick your website, choose Crawl and press Crawl Errors button. If your site has non-indexed pages you can place all in the list of initial thousand pages with the errors.

You have a lot of copied text

If Google finds that different URLs of your site point to the exact same content then you would have a duplicate content problem which may create chaos for search engines and enable them giving up indexing on your website because they would not know which address to display for that content. 

You have a NOINDEX on the META tag

A line of the META tag that avoids indexing by the search engines looks something like this:


This line is generated many times by development tools and we accidentally leave them like this. We must simply modify or delete it.

Your site takes forever to load

We once talked about the loading time of our site, so Google may not easily track high consumption time loading sites and so will not index it. Check your server or the implementation of your site and the components that could cause the delay.