What is Google Authorship and Why Should You Care?

So, you did a lot of hard work and research to create an amazing content but even then you did not get the expected traffic. Have you contemplated that what makes the readers to head to your content? How to survive in this competitive area where a plethora of creative writers already exist and doing the best. No, need to contemplate a lot. You just need to head towards Google Authorship. In simple words, it is a way carved out by Google to let the author claim their content online and make it a tad different among others. Do you wish to know how it works and the more? You have to go through the whole content to check it out.

What Is The Advantage

Taking Google Authorship adds a spark to your content and makes it a bit more valuable than earlier. It helps a lot to bring you in search results in order to make you more visible to the people looking for the same stuff. It requires a Google plus Account to claim your content. After that, you have to go for verification of the website for which you write. After verification, your picture and a mini profile will start showing in the search engine results alongside the articles and post. It means you are authorised and people will love to click you relying on the content you published. Here, we have got that how it works. Now, it is time to move on ahead and check it out its benefits.

It is very helpful in SEO since it plays a wide role to improve your SEO. In short, it affects the Pagerank.

Getting verified increases the trust of customers on you. It helps to build up the brand and credibility both at the same time.

Apart from it, the Google authorship establishes your authority as well. The searchers get your picture while searching the required content and it makes them to click you to go through the content. Not only this, it makes the searcher known to you. It means it is possible that next time they will love to click you directly without heading to search engine. Your face and name become your identity.

It keeps you away from the people having a habit to steal the content. No one can easily claim the content firstly written by you.

The major benefit is that you are not restricted to particular category, but you will nominate for the multiple topics to come across your searchers easily.

Your content comes with a picture and link that means your which helps to get some more traffic.

Google Authorship also helps your users to go through other content you wrote earlier.

It also lifts up the reach of your guest blogging campaigns.

What More About Google Authorship 

The prominent benefit is that no one else can claim the content written by you. To claim your content, people have to access your site’s HTML and there they will find your picture along with your content giving hint that it is written by you.

Here, you do not have to need to put company logo, but your head shot is enough to apply for a Google Authorship. Google has a facial recognition software to make searching a bit more personal.

There is a misconception that you have to be active on Google Plus for authorship to work. But there is nothing like it.

No limit to the number of websites. It means you can list as many as you want.

How One Can Get It

In this section, we are going to mention that how to create a Google Plus Profile if you have not made it before. First, you need to create Google plus Profile through your Gmail account. Then upload a good quality head shot of yourself to make your profile picture. Now, it is time to go ahead for following these methods.

The Email Method – If you hold an email address on the same domain then you are allowed to claim authorship on (e.g.,max@example.com). Now, it is time to visit the Google authorship page and add your email address. You need to follow this step only once not every time you add your content at this place. It means it is quite easy and does not add headache to you.

The Linking Method – What if you do not have an email address with the same domain name? It is time to link your site to your Google Plus Account. Let’s check it out how to do. It is very simple.

You need to open simple word processor and create this link <a href=”[[profile_url]]?rel=author”>Your Website</a>.

Now, it is time to head your Google plus Account and click your email address mentioned at the top of the page. Then press the blue button having text “View Profile” and then copy the address mentioned in the address bar and plug it into the link where it says“[[profile_url]]”. It requires that URL must have a string of numbers. In this list, hold   “?rel=author” since it makes easy for Google to find your content.

Now, time to head “Contributor To” section mentioned in your Google Plus profile. It is time to click the button having text “Add custom link.”

You can add the link that you have just created and then go to save it.

To see if your Authorship arrangement is working, use the

You need to check out the tool called Structured Data Testing Tool in order to check out that if your Google Authorship is working or not.  Now, your Google Authorship is all set to go. Whenever you post blog, it will start coming with your photo and name. Do not forget to add your link to bio that you give your blog owner.

What is all About Authorship Troubleshooting–

It may occur that you have followed the above instructions but not getting your picture along with the content. Where you have got wrong? It is time to know and you have to check out the content mentioned below.

First, you need to understand that it takes some time to make the changes in SERPs. So, do not get panic too fast. Wait a few days and even then it does not happen then you need to go back again. Here, you also need to keep in mind that Google only brings the search results into the light that are the most relevant to the search term used. In this context, you need to work on content too.

To avoid these inconvenience, you need to make sure that your picture must be clear and recognizable. Actually, it only allows the use of faces in Authorship snippets.

If you have been using your email address then you need to check out that if it comes with the mark adjacent to Google Plus Profile. If you find the mark that means your account has got verified. For Google authorship, you need to have a verified email address.

After checking it out, you need to make sure that if it is available or not. You have to check out the link http://plus.google.com/me/about/edit and then head to Profile Discovery section to check out that if “Profile Visible in Search.” Is on or not. Now, check out if “Profile Not Visible in Search,” then head to next option “Help others discover my profile in search.”

Google would not be able to highlights your authorship information if you have added “rel=noindex” or “rel=nofollow” attribute to your link.

In the Last –

Google Authorship is a kind of tool that adds wings to you. It gives you a great exposure at the online platform to fetch attention of the traffic. e-Definers Technology is here to help you in this context.