Turning your website into a Cash Source- 5 Easy ways

Once you have learnt how to create a website or got on done for yourself, the time comes to decide how much money you had liked to earn through your website. You might be advertising a particular services or selling products, but till the time you do not have traffic on your website, it is really hard to drive the revenues up. So, how you can monetize your website? Here are top 5 ways to build up a healthy and stable revenue system to turn your website into a cash source.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Adding affiliate links to a website is an excellent way to create passive revenue stream. It the simplest concept where you market products and services from other brands on your own website and get paid or commissions for each sale you make. Fairly easier to make money, though it is essential to choose partners with products and brands that audience loves and knows.

2. Webinars

One of the best and most recognized money making strategies is to offer the potential customers with something valuable. Most of the business owners overlook it but hosting an online workshop to teach the customers and clients how to your and leverage your services and products or anything related to your topics converts to your benefits.
In the book “The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide”, the author has explained that the webinars must provide multiple revenue steam boosters including building up marketing list for future campaigns and selling products for training event.

3. Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC or Pay Per Click sort of advertisement allows one to pay and get their ads displayed on other websites like Google SERPs- Search Engine Result Pages. You need to pay a fixed and predetermined amount of fee, called as cost per click and as and when someone will click your ad, the amount will be deducted. The WordStream describes this process as “Essentially, it’s a way of buying visits to your site, rather than attempting to ‘earn’ those visits organically.”

And the great part here is that you can make money with PPC. Make some space available on your website and bring the PPC advertisers there. Whenever a visitor will click on your ad, you will get paid 68% of the amount what original advertisers would have paid the Google.

4. Banner Ads

Banner ads are also called as Display Ads and are usually found on high traffic websites or links corresponding to business website when clicked. Selling banner ad spaces on a website for other businesses is a great way to build new revenue system or stream. You just need to sign up with the companies and they start automatically generating the code that you need to paste on your website where you wanted to display the ads.

5. Freebies

Neil Patel knew the value of giving content for free. Create a small video stuffed with valuable and hard to find information that will make the lives of your viewers fun, productive or easier. There is a wide range of premium and free A/V tools that will help you do so. Remember that you are using WordPress and thus, you can always tap into dozens of free plugins that are designed specially to help uploading the finished masterpieces on your website.

Here lies the monetizing part- At the end of the video, inform the readers how they can sign up for paid subscriptions so that they do not miss the new releases and include links to download the latest e-books at discounted prices.

Make money with the WordPress blog and business website. It does not needs to acquire high tech skills or big investments of funds and time. Most of the methods are passive income generators and you are suggested to try one or more out of these ideas to start the monetization process of your website.

Firstly Audit, Analysis the Website and competitors, Use SEO On Page Techniques, Use SEO off Page Activity Daily Basis