Top 5 White Hat Off-Page SEO techniques in 2018

With ever changing SEO techniques it is not a surprise that we saw so many changes being made in 2017. There were few updates in Off-Page SEO activities too. We saw that web 2.0 became an important off-page SEO Activity. Now that Google takes strict action against black hat SEO, many seo experts are confused as what off-page techniques are ethical.

SEO experts at e-Definers Technology, a company which provides the best Seo services in Delhi NCR, believe these 5 Off-Page SEO activities are going to be beneficial in 2018.

1. Web 2.0- It is one of the ethical SEO activity. This off-page technique involves content submission or web-page submission on authority websites for quality backlinks.

We all know the value of quality backlinks and how it helps in ranking higher. Some experts believe that content sharing through web 2.0 is going to be beneficial for SEO.

2. Forum Submission- Although Forum submission became very popular in earlier years, it is still creating a buzz among SEO professionals. This off-page SEO technique became popular when Google revealed that backlinks from community can boost ranking rapidly.

Forum posting involves posting questions or participating in threads to post answers of the questions asked.

3. Q&A- These website are similar to Forum sites where you can ask your questions or post answers to questions that you know about. It is a great way to generate traffic to your website.

Some SEO professional believe that in 2018 more and more companies will perform activities on Q&A sites to get quality backlinks.

4. Image Sharing- Visuals contents or contents consisting images not only look attractive but also engages users. According to a report 27% of all the searches in 2017 were for images. This number in only going to increase in 2018.

It is believed that website with proper and optimized images with alt tag, URL and description is going to help a website’s SEO.

5. Video Submission- Like images, videos also engage customers on a website. A customer is more likely to view the entire video to get some knowledge than reading the content. Now more and more users want to see video content.

2018 will see an emergence amongst the companies to use videos to increase awareness about their brand products.

All these off-page SEO techniques are going to be really helpful for a website’s SEO point of view. Digital Marketing experts are hoping that SEO world will keep changing and getting bigger day by day.

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