Simple steps that anyone can follow to create a web page using HTML and CSS

There are many ways to make a web page, but there are still some basic things you need for website design. This article will attempt to educate you on what is needed to get a web page up and online.

The first step in getting a web page is, understanding the process of the internet. The internet is comprised of many computers called servers and uses a computer language known as HTML. HTML tells your computer’s browser which connects to these servers how a web page should be displayed. Therefore the first two things you’ll need to acquire to make your own web page is hosting on one of these servers, and web page designer or an HTML book.

Hosting is relatively simple to acquire and there are two main types of hosting. The first is free hosting and is offered by companies who want you to make a web page on their site so they can display advertising and get paid for your work. The second kind of hosting is paid hosting provided by companies who’d like to get you online for a small fee every month or year.

In this article, we will tell you some incredibly simple steps on how to design an impressive web page:

  • Obtain an HTML editor

When it comes to designing a web page, the first and foremost thing you require is an HTML editor.

  • Make an HTML page

Make a fresh HTML page. Here’s how you do it: File > new > HTML. There you are–your page is ready.

  • Add a table

Eventually, whether you use HTML or CSS, they are just web pages on the Internet. So, tables work just fine.

To add a table: Go to insert and then Table.  Choose a table that is 600 pixels wide with 1 row and 1 column.

  • Align your table

Aligning the table is important. Go to window > properties. You will see a menu bar where you will be able to select align > center.

  • Insert headline

The headline is the first thing a visitor will see. Type the headline and keep the font size X-large. Select a color of your choice. You can also take a screen cap of the headline and add it as a picture to keep the formatting same in different browsers. Simply head to insert > image.

  • Add the body copy

Type the rest of the body copy. Use a decent font. If required, insert additional tables to place the images of your choice.

The thing about creating a web page is that first time is the most difficult time. After you get a hang of it, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable making a website. Later on, you will be in a better position to learn how to design a web page with CSS. CSS enables you to design quick loading pages, boost your search engine rankings, and alter your entire website with one single style sheet. Simply put, it is the tool that enables you to add any style, such as font, layouts, graphics, colors, and links to your web pages. CSS is used within the HTML as a method of keeping a check on how each web page is laid out and how it looks like. All the major internet browsers available today support CSS.

How to Choose the Best Website Designing Company in Delhi

These days, there are a lot of companies with around – some with highly professional website designers and others not so good. A good website design company will have highly qualified designers and developers that will help you every step of the way. So how do you go about finding the best website design company for you? Make sure to look at the website designer’s portfolio. Moreover, read the reviews and take into account a number of positive reviews a company has and judge that against the negative feedback left. If a company has a lot of positive feedback and little to no negative, you are most likely looking at a decent company.

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