New marketing policy in the market – Digital marketing

Fed up of the competition with competitors? Want to find a way to come up with your competitors? Do you want your product to be everywhere in the market? So we have an option for you digital marketing. This is the new term in the town. If you want to boom your career this might be the good option available for you today.

Today’s digital marketing is spreading as fire in the forest. It is one of those words which are buzzing around. We use the term when you meet new people to show our intelligence and so we know which way world is going towards. Let us try to make it simple for you. So in simple words you can say the digital way to reach our consumers is called digital marketing. Today this marketing technique has the capability to convert anything into a Brand. It has all striking features like cost effectiveness, instant response, flexibility and convenience. We can say that digital marketing is a revolution in the world of marketing and advertisement.

Blast from the past
We all know that internet marketing is a new term but few of us only know it is between us from about 100 years ago. Now the question rise is that something which can be done only online how can it be 100 years old? So let us solve that it is just the digital and modified way of traditional marketing. Any proof of this? Yes we do have a proof. So if you say this to not getting is between us from 1896 will you believe? Guglielmo Marconi was the first person to do digital marketing back in 1896. So who is he maybe many of you know that he is the inventor of radio. So here we broke the myth. So what is demonstrated? He demonstrated” public transmission of wireless signals”. After short while this demonstration of England morse signals are transmitted across the water. When was the first digital marketing strategy used? So it was used for and Opera show and was broadcasted from an Opera performance at the met. So what happened next? The good news is the strategy worked and people really but ticket for the show. So now we know this marketing technique is much older than we thought it would be. So now the definition of digital marketing changes in to that the process of marketing a product by any electronic device is called digital marketing. It can be radio it can be television it can be tablet laptop mobile anything that is an electronic device.

Online or offline

There is a myth about digital marketing that it can only be done online but the truth is there is various ways in which digital marketing can be done offline too. So what are those? The ways like SMS and push messages are 2 of the examples of offline digital marketing. So now we broke the myth that it is not just online but offline too.
Digitization of marketing
A few years ago if we go on road we could see the big posters and the banners on the top of the building those are called billboards. But the time we are living in we don’t have time to look up and see the billboards what the hell a person who is driving a car or a bike will look up and see what’s written on a Billboard who is sitting in backseat of the car is always on the phone and who is driving their eyes are on the road. So the trend of billboards died. It’s not like that there are no billboards but the fact is we just don’t look at them. Digital marketing can be done in various forms. There are popup videos during the games or the advertisement during the games we play on the mobile yes those are the part of digital marketing. We can see ads before the YouTube videos or we can see ads here and there on a website those are the form of digital marketing. So how many ways are there for marketing in a digital way. Truly speaking there are many ways. But for now we will just have a short look on few of them which are popular in the market.

Forms of digital marketing
Basically marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but about the stories you tell it means no matter what is a product or how is a product what matters is how you describe your product how you present your product the more attractive the way of presentation is the most sell you get. Show the first way of increasing our sells are: –

So now what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple words we can say that it is a process of improving our traffic on the website by natural or organic search result. Yes it means only genuine traffic. So what we need to do for Search Engine Optimization? For Search Engine Optimization we have to restructure some crucial website components and developed key metal tags and start the work on link building. There is a fact according research 85% of visitors to visit a web page via search engine and the 86% of search engine traffic is researching with intent to buy 90% of users do not go past the top 30 search engine result this simply type something else in the way cannot find relevant sites. And keywords are important for Search Engine Optimization so let’s have a brief look on keyword analysis. What is keyword analysis? Keyword helps to optimize natural search results by assessing the effectiveness of words and phrases used when searching within the category. IIS optimized keyword performance depends on the Web analytical keyword matrices.

Ad copy testing
So now what is AD copy testing. Add copy testing Alarm for a visit us to be tested in order to measure effectiveness of the advertisement copy content in driving traffic to the. It is measured by CTR. CTR stands for click through rate so in this order to determine what content is most effective in getting people to visit the site.

Pay per click
the next one is PPC which stands for pay per click.
It’s as simple as it sounds. It’s scheme from Google. You have to pay for every click. How much click your advertisement get you have to pay the amount depending up on the clicks. It’s a budget friendly scheme you can put your own budget and advertise your product according to your budget.
There are a few facts about people think that mobile devices account for 50% of paid search clicks. 52% people who click on PPC ads called the advertiser anyway. Higher the CTR lower the CPC. PVC isn’t affected by algorithm updates. Almost half of the Web users can’t tell what the difference between paid and organic search results is.

SMM stands for social media marketing. There how many times we see ads on Face book Twitter Instagram yes those are the result of social media marketing. Around and around 1 million small and medium sized business advertising on Face book.

500 thousands of the Face book pages promoting their posts. 2.5 million Posts are promoted in Face book. 59% Face book revenue comes from mobile. 21.7 percent was the share of world white mobile Internet at revenue in 2014. In the field of social media Instagram is the fastest drawing social network. Is Alarm is the new platform in social media which have allowed selective company to start advertising on its photo sharing application why is Instagram so popular is because Limited distraction on the application.

Content marketing
Content is equally important as the graphics to the content written on a sad attracts the people so there are few ways of doing content marketing. It is a multiple because it cost 60% less than or outbound marketing and its general more than three times as many leads. More than 88% of B2B monitors use content marketing in the marketing strategies.

Content marketing drive hire conversion rates. Email marketing is a part of content marketing and it is one of the most effective forms of content marketing. Most of the B2B Marketer uses minimum 3 content marketing tactics. 73% of major organization hires someone to Manager content marketing. Adding a rule helps companies ensure that their content marketing is going well.

Affiliate marketing
we can say that affiliate marketing is a hybrid of independent contractor and the self employed small business owners. In this kind of marketing you have to invest sometimes. It works on the slide rule effect. The Internet is called most fluid industry ever. Weather beat analogy at the point of Internet is constantly annoyingly changing. The Trends of changing daily pay per click keywords Ac placement is now a past and replaced by new type of effective marketing techniques like power linking OPT in list and pay per buy. You must have to be proactive for affiliate marketing.

Public relation
We can’t just ignored public relation it is the one of the most important part of the advertisement how are you Brand and how your company is related to the public and how public sees your company. So what is public relation it is a kind of exposure of your business to the public and letting them know more about your company your business and policies. So for whom this policy is? It is for everyone but especially for the New Businessman it is the biggest hurdles is getting noticed when you start up so PR is the best way you can come to the Limelight and get in the market. So how much it costs for? It depends but the average cost is $125 per hour but if you are capable then you can do your PR for yourself. Should be your expectation from the public relation? Just find out few things like how will they have managed to get the previous Client back again? How popular articles have been? And had they brought any lead to you. And find out what type of business they have worked with.

Viral marketing
it is wonderful engaging marketing strategy. But the point should be noted that you can’t go viral with a bad content. In viral marketing examples create a powerful mode supported by super visuals and music. Story line is as important as the content. For getting viral you need to be shared as much as you can. No matter how much good content you make it’s not enough for people to share it. So you have to share a video as much as you can on YouTube on websites on social Medias anyway you get the place to put your content just share it. Once it is everywhere available it’s really hook the people up. I want your content to be shared by people it should be funny or helpful or increasing inspiring are shocking these are the things people share most of the times. Just like a video this presentation is set to play automatically so you required to view as a part so that it catches the viewers attention by limiting the text good visuals good soundtracks and get to the point and a happier view.

So these are only a few Assets of digital marketing we left many more because digital marketing is a such a huge platform with different assets that covering all the assets in one article is it possible we have left many more Assets of this marketing program. So I mention some key points of the few of the Assets of digital marketing.

Key points:
● SEO or Search Engine Optimization it helps in increase traffic through search engine.
● pay per click it helps in increase traffic from search engine.
● Social media marketing helps in building a relationship with customers.
● Public relation increases the exposure of the business to the public.
● Content marketing increases the traffic from search engine exposure and sales and leads.
● Affiliate marketing it increases the sells and increases the leads.
● viral marketing it increases the exposure in short term.
● Influencer marketing it increase exposure to the targeted people.