Is your website really working for you? – Win more online business with SEO

As an entrepreneur, you know that most people are more likely to look for you through Google. With your company website is up and running, think you can just put your feet up and wait for the calls to start coming in?
Wrong. This approach could cost you years before any online business comes your way, while your competition would have used this time to build a credible SEO strategy! So how do you make sure you don’t get left behind? Read on…

Customer experience is the single most exciting opportunity for 2017

In a global survey conducted by Adobe and Econsultancy, over 2,500 marketers and Internet professionals have stated that they will be investing in customer experience on the digital platform. This means creating dynamic content for users on mobile and tablets devices. It also translates into increased social media presence and a high level of interactivity with users.

Is your content dynamic?

To keep users engaged, you need to update content at least daily. Your content needs to match your audience’s keywords. You must post related content to build engagement. Interesting pictures of your product need to be posted to your website. If you have just realized that your website needs a lot of work, you are right!

Does your website encourage a high level of engagement?
Is your website is a proper ‘corporate’ website or does it have a ‘personality’? Websites that are ‘approachable’ attract and engage people and can result in organic (unpaid) growth in numbers.
How will the above steps help your business which seems to be doing ‘fine’ at the moment? Here are reasons to substantiate our approach:

1. Cost Factor:
Your website is better than an office space since it serves you 24/7 and is accessible across the globe. If used right, this platform can have huge payoffs in helping you expand your demographic.

2. Wide Reach:
Your website is advertising your business to a global audience without the prohibitive cost of TV or print media.

3. Target Audience:
Through the use of mixed online media advertising, you can actively choose to select your target audience based on gender, location, income, age, and hobbies.

4. Better Return on Investment:
Building an effective website takes time and effort. However, the ROI on this investment is readily available in the form of audience analysis, a number of hits, regions and so on. This can help in taking informed decisions and re-strategizing as needed.

A website is your ‘first impression’ to your customers. To really make the digital platform work for you, a solid strategy is important. The sooner you invest in your website, the bigger the payoff in future.

Win more online business with SEO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is one of the first marketing tools that business owners will typically deploy, once the official website is up and running. As a proud new business owner, you need to figure out the best ways to generate traffic to your website and in turn, convert the traffic into hard cash.

Here are some ways in which SEO can help your website perform better:

1. Direct traffic to your website:
There are countless examples of company websites that nobody ever visits or talks about. On the other hand, according to Alexa traffic rank, Google tops the list, followed by Facebook. Now that’s the kind of traffic that changes your world.

2. Build a loyal customer base:
By enabling your customers to share their experiences on the web, you start to build something that is bigger than a commercial brand. This is why the web is an excellent tool for e-commerce, because of real-time customer feedback. Many people refer to before buying products from other websites or physical stores mainly because of a large number of honest reviews posted there. This results in higher traffic for the site.

3. Attract your target audience:
Proper use of SEO, through the selective and natural use of keywords, will help drive relevant traffic to your website, which is more meaningful for conversions than just quantity.

4. Build your brand through ‘word of mouth’:
The term ‘word of mouth’ implies a steady and honest way to build your brand. However, the results of such ‘organic’ marketing are often painfully slow. On the digital platform, however, ‘word of mouth by the right bloggers and YouTube personalities, can have a drastic impact on your sales. This stage, however, is hard to reach if people aren’t looking for your brand in the first place. SEO takes centre-stage again.

5. Stay ahead of your competition:
You may have a strong presence in your neighborhood, but when it comes to the online media, someone with the right SEO skills might be making all the profits online. To maximize your reach, and to build a brand, you first need the right approach to SEO.

Beware of SEO experts that claim 100% results in just a short period of time. With the introduction of Google’s latest algorithm – Hummingbird, the SEO game has changed drastically. You need to tread with caution to avoid having your site getting blacklisted by Google’s crawlers because of overdoing the SEO.

By enabling you to identify a universe of ‘naturally occurring’ keywords, a good SEO firm will help you form a deeper understanding of how Google searches really work. This in-turn will help you strategize better for the future.
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