Google’s New Mobile-Friendliness Websites Ranking Factors

Mobile friendly websites for Smartphone Users
It is undeniable that the ratio of Smartphone users is increasing day-by-day. Since it is quite handy, people love to search everything on this device. No doubt, Google has also understood the importance of this device and giving respect to the Smartphone users by adapting its algorithms to lift up the number of mobile-friendly websites. It does not matter whether you are operating e-commerce or informative site; this change is surely going to affect everyone.

Today, we are going to cover the basics of what is all about these changes and why should you go along with them. Let us check it out more in this content stuffed with the accurate information in a discreet manner.

Let us Know More about Google’s Algorithm Change

As per the recent blog posted by Google, it is expanding their use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. The motto behind taking this step is sparing more space to Smartphone users looking for relevant and high-quality result. It is obvious that it is a good think for the people always love to get everything on their Smartphone or tablet. Now the point comes that how it affects your blog or business.

We are going to bring you out of this dilemma. Actually, Google’s algorithm is a kind of package jam-packed with the rules helpful to evaluate the rank of a website based on relevant keywords. For example, we all know that users always put keywords to get the desired results associate to that keyword. Search engine brings your site in front of the searcher if it finds the same keywords in the webpage title. Another rule revolves around the image uploaded on the site having “Alt Text”. SEO improves your visibility keeping all these rules and points at the forefront. To get the basic information about it, you need to visit the Google’s SEO Starter Guide. Before you visit that, we are going to tell you that the new point has been added to it called Mobile friendliness.

Mobile-friendliness – As the name suggests, a site that is easy-to-use on the mobile device like tablet or Smartphone.

If look in the previous years, it is easy to understand that most websites were made keeping the computer monitor in the mind. It means those sites were comfortable with the computer monitor, but they are not OK with the mobile device. Even today, if you try to operate a site, which is not mobile friendly, it takes too much time to open on your mobile device. You will not see all stuff in a proper way on the site means it seems like unmanageable. Apart from it, the text is often too small and hard to read. Buttons and tabs available on the page are not working in a proper way or very close making tough to use with a touch screen.

Now, let us come to the Mobile-friendly site. At the time of using a mobile-friendly site, you will not face any of these above-mentioned problems. They are quite responsive and do not let you stick with the unpleasing experience. They easily adjust as per the screen and size of your mobile device.

Here, we are going to give you an example that how a mobile-friendly site makes easy for the people.

You can easily see that standard does not seem comfortable with the size and screen of the device. On the other hand, the Mobil-friendly site lures the visitors to go to the site and check out all the stuff.

How To Test Your Website

Google deeply indulges with its job and makes it easy for you to figure out how your website stands as per the new standards. To check out the status of your site, you just need to head Mobile-Friendly Test Page and then put the URL of your site you want to test.

After putting the URL address in the given box, you need to wait for a while. Google will run the test and serve you immediate feedback on your site. If it talks about the common problems, they are a different type of like the text’s size related, links being too close together or mobile viewport are not sitting comfortably. Google does not only let you know about the common problems but also provides you immediate feedback regarding the improvement of your website. It also guides you that which software you should use to make your site more mobile-friendly including Word press, Blogger, Drupal, and so on

Why it’s Time To Go Mobile-Friendly

Many of you may be thinking that why should you make your site mobile friendly. Here, we are going to emphasize a bit more on this topic. If your website does not match the Mobile-friendly test set by Google, you need to pay more attention towards it. Most users are available on mobile and prefer this device to go through on various sites. They do not have the time and courage to sit in front of a computer. Whether users wish to buy clothes or wish to grab any kind of information, they love using mobile. If the site is not mobile-friendly, users will not go ahead even your site holds a gigantic collection of lovely products or essential information is there. This reason is enough to make your site perfect for mobile users by making it mobile friendly. Saying would not be wrong that it is a kind of investment to increase revenue.

Important Tips From An Edtech Developer

Here, we are going to clear some most asked points regarding mobile-friendly website design. Let us check it out.

  • What To keep in mind while building my website?
  1. First, keep in mind that you are building it for mobile users and their comfort matters a lot for the success of a site. Generally, a mobile friendly website is easy to create and use. During the whole process, you just need to think from a mobile users’ prospective.
  • How can I make my website responsive?

Here, you have a choice since you can pick an already-built template or can develop your own template keeping the needs and requirement of the business. If you have a non-responsive site then you can make it responsive. Apart from it, you can also create a separate one, especially for targeting the mobile users. This strategy works a lot to target the mobile users.

  • What about the tools consider best for building a mobile-friendly website?

Google’s chrome browser holds an extensive set of built-in tools responsible for designing a mobile-friendly site without putting many efforts. In this context, you may head to “Device Mode” tool. This tool will make you know that how your site will look on various sites. Not only this, this tool can also simulate network speed in order to get how much time your site takes to load.

  • How can I adjust my website to make it mobile-friendly?

It is simple and does not put you in a dilemma. However, if you already hold a non-responsive site, it may be more cost-effective to kick off from scratch having a new responsive base. A fair amount of coding makes it possible.

Points to Keep In Mind –

A mobile-friendly site is good for double your business as you would be able to fetch the Smartphone users. Since more than 1.91 billion people have been using various types of mobile device to stay online, it seems important to have a mobile-friendly site. The number of Smartphone will increase in the coming years. Edtech has emerged as the best platform to get mobile friendly website. You may hire us if want a mobile friendly site to target your potential customers.