Easy Tips to Rank Your Videos on YouTube

This section is totally dedicated to those people who don’t know – How a video rank in YouTube. A very few of us know that YouTube is also an online search engine which suggest videos according to your search. So, selecting a keyword is equally important to get relevant videos.

An impressive fact about it is that it has auto-complete feature in its search bar, which matches to Google. There are a number of tools available on internet that can be beneficial for you in increasing the ranking of your YouTube videos.

YouTube Optimization

What is important for Social Media Marketing Agency in Delhi while promoting YouTube Video? Is SEO really necessary to rank our videos on YouTube platform or if it is truly important, then what steps should be taken to capture high position in YouTube channel?

Most of us know that YouTube is operated by Google organization. Many people who don’t have much idea about how this channel work, consider that Google keeps same view point regarding YouTube promotion and they keep promoting similarly as they do for Google.com. It is totally a myth and you should avoid this.

Though, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google in the world, so being a popular internet platform for users, it can be possible to work like Google.

Actually, it doesn’t mean that the basics we use for Google.com will also work on YouTube. The outcomes on both the platforms differ a little as in Google.com you get the ranking of a site whereas in YouTube you get the ranking of videos. It is not like people who keep knowledge about the site’s SEO may also rank YouTube videos.

So, now what strategies one should adopt to get fast ranking and more hits on YouTube? Let’s find out.

In the way of getting answer to this query, I came across YouTube SEO, so as per my point of view, there are six activities that enhance video rankings. Here they are –

  1. Meta Name
  2. Meta Description
  3. Video Tags
  4. Watch Time
  5. Engagements
  6. Channel Reputation

Meta Name – It is the most important thing that works supportively behind YouTube to rank a video for certain keyword. This search engine read the title first of a video prior to further process and if the name matches some keyword and also shows relevancy, then you can expect the ranking on certain keyword.

Meta Description – It is the second most important component after Meta name. It is easy to find the name and video content. In case if name and description have been put properly for video then it can experience a push up in its position. Some people says the more descriptive your videos are, the more push in position it gets, but it is just a misconception and it is not necessary to write excess description as you are not doing site SEO in which you need number of articles to get video ranking. So, only necessary descriptions are enough to boost your video’s ranking.

Video Tags – Tags generally play a great role in making your videos rank. It shows differentiation between videos, so try to create tags as close to your videos and avoid common tags that are very familiar in the world. It has been observed that tags using big name are often ranked better than Meta tags that are common. Minimum 5 and maximum 10 tags are sufficient for a video to use.

View Time – One thing that makes your video viral is “view time”. This is really the most necessary factor in YouTube SEO. The longer view time of a video encourages YouTube to put that video in front of more and more lookalike viewers and this way that video will get more eyeballs. Try to make your video short and interesting as more time viewers will give on watching your video the impact of your video will increase. As per expert guide, YouTube love those makers who make exciting videos that strike the mind of viewers and holds them for long time.

Engagements – After creating a video, it is also necessary to monitor the visitor’s engagement for your video. How many individuals have enjoyed, liked, shared, and commented on your video. The more viewers show their interests in your video, it means you have included the substance for the audiences.

It can’t happen to get millions of likes in overnight, you will have to focus on every detail and understand the interest of viewers to create some exciting and influential video. Still you are confuse, get YouTube Marketing services from a reputed agency and they will help you to rank your video.