Easy Tips To Improve Your Website in an Hour

You have designed a beautiful website. Now what? You should work to attract the audience to it. For making it higher on the search engine pages, you need to know some easy SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques to improve your website in an hour, which is only used by Best SEO Company in India.

Well many of us run away from this topic. Actually it is not like a monster that we should run. We need to apply some new and effective technique to implement. There is no website in the world, which can promise a high rank on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, but there are simple ways to apply to increase the website. Give us an hour and we will show you everything that you need to know about how to boost your site.

1 –Importance of Website URL

Prior to your website goes live, you should select the URL of the website, which is usually known as domain name. A giant board sign is the first thing that visitors notice when they reach at your store’s place. Similar to this, it is the first address that a person type in search engine to know about your company. Google also consider it the first place to look and know – what kind of URL it is all about and how to rank it. Make sure the URL is neat and clean, that means no special characters, no space and no page ID.

2 – Create title and description

Perhaps, you would know that you can create title and description for your website. Write attractive title and description that will describe about the company and services, ideally mixed with keyword and phrases. In fact, title and description is the first thing that Google uses to rank it. Once your site start showing in search engine results, web surfers start reading the title and description to know what kind of website it is and whether it should be checked or not.

3 – Use anchor text

When you write the text for your website, must know where to use anchor text in the site. Don’t worry, if you don’t know about the anchor text. Actually it is a highlighted text that indicates – when a person clicks on that, it takes them to another page on your website or on the internet. Effective anchor text should be used to help web surfers to navigate your website easily. Even keywords and phrases are also used to make them know what you do.

4 – Add alt text to your images

Quite find out that how images will look at your website. To understand about the photo, images or graphics, “alt text” should be used as it will describe that what the image is all about. Even the use of keywords and phrases will also be helpful to know what you do. You don’t need to add Alt-text when the image is purely functional and is used as a background image. You can skip totally, if the image is not related to your website or business.

5 – Define each page with header

Each page of your website is defined with a title, sub title and so on because when search engines go through your website, it reads the title first and understands what your website is all about. So, describe each page of your website with a title and description relevant to it. Choose cautiously and don’t forget to include keyword in it.

We hope, after applying these 5 tips, you will feel more confident and want to take your skill to the next level. Else you can take help of Top SEO Companies in India to get high rank for your website.