Domain Authority 2.0 – Why It Is Important For Your Website

In the arena of search engine optimization, Domain Authority (DA) plays a vital part in deciding the overall quality with authority for a site. Recently in March 2019, the developers of Moz rolled out an update related to its algorithm. It means your domain authority score may see a swing.

Introduction To Domain Authority

Domain Authority is actually a score that evaluates the ranking of a website on the basis of its algorithm on a search engine result page (SERP). In simple words, if you have a running online business than DA will indicate the competitory of a website in the world of digital marketing. Whenever you compare two websites than by checking the score of domain authority, you can easily understand the higher weightage of a website.

According to Moz’s DA scores parameter, if a website scores 1 then it would be treated at the lowest rank but if a website scores 85 as a very good on its table of 1 to 100. However, DA does not affect a ranking as it is just a tool or metric that calculates the capacity of a website by assuming the rank of search engine result page.

Why it was decided to update domain authority?

From past many years, Moz was facing the condemnation on its two facets of DA

  1. The updates provided by Moz were not synchronizing the updates of Google due to which it was becoming the failure. However, in the last recent years, Moz did not upgrade anything related to its algorithms in regard to the DA which was somehow in doubt while showing the actual scores
  2. Some of the websites started managing spam backlinks and were achieving a better score in DA. In order to eliminate this, it was decided to launch DA 2.0.

Notable features with data that proves the attributes right

  1. Connection of SERP with updated domain authority – In a recent study, it has been found that algorithm of Moz’s DA has a strong relation with SERP. When it comes to selecting the most accurate metric of a domain, domain authority wins the race.
  2. Domain Authority DA 2.0 handles backlinks much better – In order to tackle the link manipulation, Moz observed the fall in domain authority scores by utilizing the updated DA metrics. It is found that DA 2.0 handles link better.

It is amazing to see the fall in scores of the below few categories –

  • Drop of 34 % in the comment spammers,
  • Drop of 56 % in the link sellers
  • Drop in auction domains of an average of 61% in the DA scores.
  • Drop in the link network by 79% in DA.
  • Drop in the mid-quality auction by 95% in DA

What happened after DA 2.0 gone live?

While Moz was planning to announce this update, the SEO experts were predicting that most of the websites would experience a drastic drop in their domain authority scores whereas some might see a jump.

After its launch, Moz predicted that we might see a drop of approx. 6% compared to last DA scores. However, if you see a normal fall in the scores, it indicates that you need to give a thorough check to your website.

It results in the drop of the majority of websites which were not properly managed in terms of its metrics. Therefore, the digital gurus are also suggesting, to get the reformation of the websites as per the latest DA trend.

For the future also, Moz has also promised to bring some of the major updates in the context of the DA. These updates will come on a regular interval in order to match the criteria of SERPs.

The blog is written by the digital marketing experts of e-Definers Technology, a Delhi based company. Keep visiting this space for latest updates.