Add Edge To Your Marketing Campaign With Wikipedia Page Notability

Are you a new entrepreneur desperately trying to add some brand value to your venture? Or an old veteran trying to gain some edge over competitor brands? Whatever your state be, marketing strategies always play the lead role in catapulting your business to the highest peak of success. Here are few basic reasons on why Wikipedia is the holy grail of marketing.

What is Page creation notability

As Wikipedia is an open source platform hence there are no cookie cutter policies or any real set of rules for Wikipedia pages, there are certain policies and guidelines which the Wikipedia page creation company should abide by. These golden rules of Wikipedia guidelines must be followed for hoisting your product on Wikipedia page.

The thumb rule of Wikipedia page notability is established when a particular topic covers its three bases of significant coverage with reliable sources about independent topics. What this golden rule actually means is that a subject must have references from all reliable sources with in-depth knowledge. However, those reference articles should be completely unrelated to the main subject matter. In other words notability means that a topic needs to meet countless guidelines like the general guidelines and subset of those guidelines created by the Wikipedia editors for inclusion.

Unfolding the importance of Wikipedia

To begin with, start by understanding the hierarchy nature of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an online collaborative encyclopedia run by a nonprofit organization Wikimedia Foundation. They do not hire any content writers for creating their posts and hence it is open source. If used rightly the benefits could be:

  1. Your business biography, brand or graph can be posted on the website
  2. If your business or brand is posted on Wikipedia pages it gains significant brand value
  3. As the brand value increases, it leverages the authenticity, credibility and prestige of your brand
  4. It gives additional and credible web presence which indirectly depicts the integrity of your business.
  5. Enhances visibility on SEO

Wikipedia holds a prime spot when it comes to any search on Google. It is reported it pops up within the top 5 sites on Google search engine. Also certain statistics say that the current numbers of Wikipedia users are around 35.146 million along with 5.746 million articles floating around. The number of average page view can be estimated to 18 billion. Thus you can imagine the number of targeted client pool you can hit at once with a notable Wikipedia page. In case you are looking for your Wiki profile creation services here are few guidelines you should know beforehand.

Qualification criterion for Wikipedia pages

Now it’s no hidden fact that Wikipedia pages have immense significance in your marketing strategy. Because of that many entrepreneurs end up paying the Wikipedia Experts hefty amounts, however ending up with no significant gains. The three pongs of notability i.e. significance, reliability and independence needs to be checked out individually.

For significant coverage your topic must have in-depth reports from other independent reliable sources. When it comes to a reliable source, there are no black and white benchmarks and editors vary on their choices. However, a reliable source should be accurate and fast. The range is vast, for music or magazines or sports it can be music topics, articles, news blogs etc. whereas for science or medicine it can be top noted peer reviewed journals. There are Wikipedia guidelines on sources which you must go through once for a clearer idea.

The pillar for independence is equally important. Wikipedia strictly controls any form of plagiarism or spin offs hence the topic you want to be marketed and the sources you Wiki profile creation company adds should be independent of each other.

Other than these three major aspects, there are multiple other facets you need to be aware of and take care for before your page is launched. Amongst them conflict of interest, keeping a neutral point of view, maintaining civility of topics are few things to be mostly stressed on.

Heat map to create a page

Albeit all the elaborative stringent guidelines creating a Wiki page just requires 4 easy steps.

  1. Make sure you venture is pretty renowned. There should number of posts, articles, blogs that too from reputed sources across the web giving in depth analysis of your ventures.
  2. Create an account in Wikipedia
  3. Now start jotting down the viable sources. Couple of things to remember here:
  4. Don’t include any personal citations
  5. Don’t pull tones of articles or information from web.
  6. Don’t advertise or market your brand or company directly on the post
  7. In case you don’t have much articles start from increasing your PR value
  8. If all requirements checks out you are ready with your post.

Few last moment tips

Here are few last moment tips to consider before plunging into wiki page creation.

  1. Make sure you and the companies you hire abide by all the guidelines posted by the wiki editors.
  2. Wiki back links: Wiki back links hold extreme desirable market value despite of them being of no follow.
  3. So make sure you do not spam you link in the external link section of the page. Try to put it within the content.
  4. Also don’t put unnecessary links, make sure the links you put supports information on your content but no anchor text or directory links.
  5. Check authenticity of sources
  6. Do not put your link in place of citation, if you do your link will be flagged as spam.

To conclude it is likely to say that creating a Wikipedia page isn’t easy. The guidelines and follow-ups can be cumbersome for newbies. Also creating a page isn’t enough as it can be edited at any time, by any one so regular monitoring is necessary. Again as Wikipedia do not like self-promotion or spam of any kind it is advisable that you choose a Wikipedia page creation company and enjoy the optimized fruit of strategized wiki marketing.

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