7 Killer Instagram Practices For High Engagement

If you want to make your business survive in this world of digital marketing, you should be aware of the tactics of how to engage and reach your audience. The best way to keep your audience target is by using social media channels. Whether you have a small business or medium sized, you cannot ignore the importance of these social dens. There are numbers of social media platforms available online which includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. Out of all these, Instagram is one of the social media platforms that offer various opportunities to its users with the best of its practices.

Adding Instagram to your social media marketing not only boost your performance but also helps you in steeping one step closer by just uploading videos, photos and stories using Hashtags. If you are not Instagram, you are missing one of the golden opportunities for your brand. With more than 1 billion active users, you can promote your brand like anything. Let us discuss these 7 killer Instagram Marketing practices for high engagement.

Consistency Is Must–Consistency is one of the prime aspects of Insta. You should know when your audience is more active. Create your social strategy accordingly. Once you are done with the strategies make sure to implement regularly. Posting content regularly also attracts users and helps in obtaining followers.

Do Not Talk Always About You – Try not to post everything about you, this will make the followers bored. You can make a ratio of 4:1. Add different types of the post including your promotional ones. It is not recommended to keep blabbering about just one thing.

Show Your Creativity

Try to be creative in terms of your stuff you are posting. You can utilize material like videos, short videos, GIFs, quiz and even use Insta stickers etc. This will help you in engaging your followers to a great extent. Make sure to follow the guidelines of this platform before posting any stuff.

Take Benefit From Instagram Highlights And Stories

By using Insta stories you can bring your brand closer to your followers in real time. You can tell a story by doing some useful edits in the content. You can use the latest features such as stickers, drawings and even texts. You can also tag your location by telling your users about the position.

Use Hashtags

It is important to understand the importance of #Hashtags. Be sure to use Hashtags based on specific service or product about your industry. Try to find out the HashTags to communicate with your potential followers. It is always recommended that one should not use more than 10 tags.

Get Traffic To Your Website

It is true that Insta is one of the great social tools that help in bringing the traffic on a website. It could be your website, blog or any other online platform which you want to promote. You can post promotional stuff by adding any special offers to make people interested.

Track Your Performance

It is important to use analytics in order to analyze the performance. By doing this, you can gain insights about how your posts are performing. You can learn from this analyzation and plan your strategy accordingly.


Instagram is one of the powerful and highly effective social media platforms which are capable of providing the desired results. But without knowing the best practices you cannot achieve the results easily. Using the above practices suggested by the digital marketing experts of e-Definers Technology can help you in gaining the followers.