5 SEO Trends to Watch For In Year 2019

There is no denying the fact that Internet has now become the first point of contact for the customers who search the products and services of their use. With so many options available online today, all sized businesses are approaching the customers using various marketing mantras, for example, SEO Services. The Digital Marketing gurus are expecting the year 2019 to be a crucial one in terms of Internet Marketing. With the latest developments in the world of virtual reality, it is somehow becoming more challenging. This is the time when you have to change your strategy before things become out of control. Therefore, it’s important to understand the ever so evolving search engine optimization trends to shine out Online.

  • Rich Snippets – Rich Snippets are a perfect way of getting your content at its topmost position. This can be achieved by providing relevant content to the search phrases. Even Google also loves to see maximum numbers of rich snippets showing in searches. Google takes out the matching information from the content in order to display in its rich snippet. The best way to get noticed here is via providing the relevant answers to the questions in your posted content. This will eventually increase the probability of turning your content into a rich snippet.
  • Utilize AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Technique – This is a well-known fact that Google doesn’t value slow and lazy loading web pages. It loves the web pages which have a good speed and less loading time. In simple words, you can’t impress Google without the proper optimization and AMP is one of the latest developments in this. It is in trend to develop AMP enabled web-pages in order to reduce the load time and enhance the user experience for mobile. If you have a WordPress website, you can download a plugin which will automatically convert the web pages into AMP.
  • Advancement in Voice Search – It is estimated that almost 62% of the consumers will buy their products and services through their voice enabled mode in the coming time. This is why businesses need to optimize their voice search in order to stay ahead in the competition. Specially, for devices without screens, rich snippets play an important role. The devices read the rich snippets and use the content in order to answer the query of the users. Also, make sure to create the titles which are not robotic. For example “How do you make noodles at home” is a better heading than “Cook Noodles at home”
  • Focus on Microformats – In the language of coding, microformat is a small HTML pattern. It signals the information to the search engines about a site. The better search engines understand your website the more boosts you will get in the rank. If you want a reward from the search engines for your ranking then never make them confused. Make sure to provide the correct information about your website. With the help of the microformats you can make your content more engaging which eventually will take your site towards the increase in the clicks.
  • Video Optimization – As per the recent studies, using video for a business promotion is one of the most powerful ways to reach the audience. The popular titled videos such as how-to or explainer have seen trending in the giant YouTube with a good amount of views and likes. If you want to keep the visitors engaged for a longer time then you will have to create something engaging and interesting that captures the questions answers that they are seeking for.


No doubts year 2019 will sure test the ability of the Digital Marketers. With increasing cutthroat competition, it is important for SEO Experts to be aware with the latest & useful trends and strategies.

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