25 Money-Making Business Ideas for Stay-At-Home Parents

These days, it is a blessing to stay at home parents. You get it all- Freedom to nurture your kids while at home, the flexibility and freedom to move along with spare time to pursue professional interest while earning a decent income. Building up a business right in your living room was never this easier. It just now requires dedication, a well-designed website, and skills that you master or are learning.

If you too stand in the queues of stay at home parents and want to follow some money making ideas then these options are a big help for you-

Pet daycare: Are you a pet lover? If yes, then you can start a pet daycare services and take some pets from your neighbors out for the day while their owners are busy or out for work. Pet sitting is quite easy if you have experience in this line.

Babysitting- Another brilliant job to charge your load. You are already at home and kids are always adorable. Team up with some local parents to create your own online babysitting network and contact those who need childcare.

Affiliate Linking- Try boosting ad revenues from your blogs with Amazon.com affiliate marketing and links. Whenever the reader will click on a product or buys something from your affiliate website, you will get some sort of compensation or commission over the sale. Master link building is big reward these days and almost all the e-commerce giants are willing to pay to get more and more links to other websites.

Meal Planning- Since most of you have perfect feeding your family, building up a business plan that customizes and creates meal plans, shopping list or similar stuff will be an easy job for you.

Craft Store- DIY are most interesting and highly followed projects and its very easy to sell them online at prices that are better than many other business ideas in this list. Customers love to appreciate and bring custom made orders that are handmade.

Home Catering- Catering can cost fortunes to most of the people but if you are great at cooking then there is no harm in advertising crowd feeding as a cheaper and healthier option for holidays or dinner get together.

Personal Chef- Again a profession budding from the kitchen. If you are seriously into cooking then it is the right time to study food handling and nutrition best practices and cook some food for people who are ready to pay for home made quality meals.

Music Lessons- Had attained Piano lessons or singing classes a few years that appear waste now? Combine your music experience and learned skills to teach music to kids and feel fresh. You can start this project online as well.

At home Baker- Cake decor classes are available in plenty and you can learn them easily. Once learned, you are ready to sell customized wedding, birthday, bridal or baby shower cakes.

Freelance Writing- Website content writing and blog writers are looking for good quality freelancers and writers. Start out with topics you have knowledge about or create a website that holds some writing sample of yours. It helps to promote your work.

Photo and Video Editing- Learn how to edit videos and photos and these skills are worth investing your time. You will just need a good computer, knowledge of terms and the right software.

Graphic Designing- Create event and wedding invitation cards and design fliers or other banner print material for small and medium enterprises.

Event Planner- Plan the birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, office dinners, bridal showers and other events at small scale.

Fitness Coach- Teach small group and private groups with mommy and me fitness kind of classes. Do not forget to embed the videos on YouTube to get popular.

Wedding Consultant- Try to specialize in flowers, decor, reception or venue hunting tasks and complete the consulting business with tips and reviews of local vendors on a website.

Home staging- Having a knack for interior decoration? Monetize your wisdom and skills by making houses for real estate agents, buyers and sellers.

Become a College Coach- Study in college and coach the students on how to win debates, essay, error free application or subject details.

Herbs gardening- Employ the green thumb and invest your time in growing and selling fresh herb spices, listing tips on how to grow the best plants and creating your own tutorials.

Decoration rental- Make or collect decor for events and weddings like fairy lights, centerpieces, backdrops or clothes and rent them to the needy!

Paper Shredding- While it sounds awkward at first, but shredding papers is a big business as banks, colleges and institutes are looking for some reputed and trustworthy sources to destroy sensitive documents and get away with the trash. Opt for recycling business if you have it.

Sewing- Sewing is long lost art but still has a lot of scopes. If you know how to use the needle and thread and have skills to create outstanding creations with small tools then you can start sewing clothes or curtains or anything in demand.

House Cleaning- Leverage the most common skill, that almost all of us possess while cleaning our own homes. Make a website and let the people know cleaning hacks, popular household product and affiliate linking through Pinterest and other modes.

Consignment shop- And last but not the least, try selling antique nursery or children clothing and furniture items. It is a low-risk business as inventory is not yours and you still get half of each sale going to your pockets.